Campus, Sloper and Pegboards

Campus Board

  • First invented by Wolfgang Güllich back in 1988, the Campus Board is the best tool for power and strength training, a must have for both intermediate and advanced climbers

  • Standard wall angle at 18°, the Campus Board surface starts 1 m away from the wall and 1,6 m above the ground, making the first moves more comfortable

  • The wooden holds and ledges typically used for the Campus Board are more friendly to the skin than plastic, and because they offer lower friction, the moves are heavier, making the training better

  • Training on the Campus Board results in improvement of motor skill training, increased finger strength, greater lock off power and upper body strength

Sloper Board

  • Sloper Board offers training for an open-handed grip

  • Requiring the climber to engage their core to latch on to and move off of rock climbing slopers

  • Perfect for an additional warm-up and cool-down

Peg Board

  • Peg Board is a simple but dynamic addition to strength and upper body training

  • An excellent tool for stability exercise with an enhancing effect on the strength endurance

  • Peg Board stimulates smaller muscles, which are usually more difficult to reach through regular free weight or body weight exercise

  • Regular Peg Board training contributes to the prevention of injuries