Illusion is a brand that offers unique eye-catching climbing macros and volumes. Illusion products are committed to innovation and the brand is constantly striving to push the boundaries in climbing accessories. At the same time, we are committed to top-quality materials and consequently top-quality products.

Illusion macros are produced in Glass Reinforced Plastic while Illusion volumes are made out of wood. Most of our macros come in dual-texture or bi-color versions, allowing you to customize your climbing wall with a touch of your unique style. Illusion wooden volumes are available with or without T-nuts.

Illusion products are IFSC-authorized (authorized by the International Federation of Sport Climbing). They are presented at IFSC competitions and are produced in compliance with their production standards. At Illusion, we are striving toward a design that gives maximum style, creativity, and dynamism to your routesetting. We understand the significance of this combination, which is why we strive to create climbing volumes and macros that are not only visually striking but also highly functional.