We offer a comprehensive range of climbing walls with associated products and services: high and boulder walls, indoor and outdoor walls, combined climbing centres, climbing walls for schools and kindergartens, private home walls, self-standing climbing towers and self-standing boulders, mobile towers and mobile boulders on a trailer, climbing walls for pools, and other sorts of custom made structures. We are a total-solution provider, who can take on any kind of climbing associated project. We are constantly introducing new solutions and continue to push and develop new innovations.

Kilter Board

Kilter Board is suitable for beginners, intermediate and advanced climbers, since you can climb the same problems on different overhang. There are also a lot of different sets of holds to choose from and different wall sizes to climb on.

We offer:

  • 12×12 setup, which is most suitable for bigger climbing gyms,
  • 8×12 setup in case your gym doesn’t have enough space for the full board,
  • 7×10 setup.

We provide you with a custom kickboard height and a completely freestanding frame.